home entertainment Avery Audio's certified professional audio-video consultants make buying your home Entertainment electronics easy and fun.

We offer custom design, consultation, engineering & installation of residential home theater and commercial audio-video systems.

Building, Remodeling, Renovating or Redecorating?

custom design Our walkthrough may be the best $100.00 you will ever invest in your home! ($100.00 is refunded if you proceed with our estimate.) Each home we experience and every one of our customer's needs is unique. In order to provide you with the best possible audio / video system and most expert installation, your custom home system designer and one of our installation experts will visit the project site and cover all items listed below plus any other relevant issues.

Your Walkthrough will include:

After our visit, you will receive a customized system proposal for your home. This will include your system's specific equipment recommendations plus detailed information on all major components of the system, and in many instances, we also provide an installation labour estimate.

Whole Home Audio-Video Systems

home theater Have you ever wished you could have your favourite song follow you from room to room as you walk throughout your house? Want to watch the latest blockbuster movie in the living room theatre while your spouse relaxes out by the lake to the music of their choice? Do you dream of high definition satellite but you're grounded because you don't have a HD dish on the roof? Want to have high speed internet at the cottage? (now referred to as summer homes). Well, Avery Audio's custom installation department can help! We work alongside the highly trained sales staff and can wire your home for dozens of uses including high definition TV (HDTV), telephone / Internet, and distributed second zone speakers and controls. Easy to use, simplified remotes can even be professionally pre-programmed by Avery Audio to make operation and use of your new system a breeze.

Don't worry!

home theater

Every custom job comes with a personalized instruction by one of our professional staff upon completion to ensure that you are happy and comfortable with the daily operation of your custom home system.

We work together with the customer, the builder, designer, architects and all the related trades' people from concept to completion. We provide detailed instructions and offer telephone support for the client's equipment after installation.

Please contact us for more information or to schedule a walkthrough.


Avery Audio goes the extra mile with customer service, explaining all you need to know about their products. We have dealt with them over ten years and will continue to be a customer of Avery Audio.
Russ Hemphill

Avery Audio is a respected business servicing the Dorset area because of its excellence in customer service and its dedication to the overall community good.
Herb Hickling

Every community needs leadership from local business to be a welcoming and positive place to live and work. Avery Audio works hard to give back to the Dorset community.
Collin Reaney